Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Review: Elf Liquid Eyeliner in Coffee

As everyone knows, the Daiso Magical Eyeliner is my favourite affordable liquid eyeliner. However, it is not actually the cheapest (cost wise) in my collection of liquid eyeliners. I picked up the Elf Liquid Eyeliner in Coffee for just $2 at Kmart when I was looking for hair ties. Just $2!!! The black shade was like $6 and I wasn't in the mood for another black liquid eyeliner so I just gave it a pass. 

ELF Liquid Eyeliner has a simple liner set up as it comes with a small tub with a brush that pulls out with the product, much like Daiso's Magical Eyeliner. The brush tip on this eyeliner is super fine which makes it perfect for creating super natural looks. The downside to this is that it's not as easy to control as a thicker felt tip eyeliner. If you're uncomfortable or don't yet have the hang of liquid eyeliners yet then don't worry! You can always start by lining you eyes with a pencil eyeliner and then just tracing over the line with a liquid eyeliner for a sharper look!

I do have a few dislikes/complaints about this eyeliner. I found that the formula is just a little too runny and streaky for my liking. To counter this, I tend to just redraw the line once the first layer has dried. This definitely increases the drying time of the eyeliner (and therefore keeping your eyes still to avoid any transfer) but I find that the end result is quite satisfying. Just remember that using two layers of the brown eyeliner actually depends the brown colour so it becomes a darker brown colour.

Using this eyeliner has also made me realise how much I like using brown eyeliners for daytime wear. Brown eyeliners just look so much softer and more natural for daytime wear. It's also very dependent on hair and eye colour but personally I feel as though black brings my eyes out just a little more but brown has a similar effect too. Since it's currently the summer holidays for me, I've found that I really like the more relaxed look of brown eyeliner over black. I've also discovered that this eyeliner isn't too long lasting and I tend to sweat it off most days, despite having pretty dry skin.
Overall, this isn't an eyeliner that I'd rave about. It's quite decent quality for how much you pay and I do think that some beginners may struggle with control of the brush. However, there's really very few liquid eyeliner options at that price point so it's a good bargain option if you're really keen on saving a few extra dollars. Personally, I think I would pay a little bit more to grab a Maybelline or Rimmel Liquid eyeliner on sale at Priceline but that's a reivew for another time. 

Price and Availability: $2 (sale) or $6 at Kmart Australia or other ELF counters or $3 online at Iherb.com.au

Repurchase: Maybe

PS - Really hoping to do a life update post since I'm currently on uni break and I have some time to post more frequently. I've also taken up a couple of volunteering positions and work so let's just see how those go first :) 

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